Google Activates 200 Million Android Phones

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Google has declared it has now activated 200 million Android phones and tablet devices to date, as the business gets better corresponding its greatest rival the Apple company. The Google Android phones and devices new activation number increases another 100 million Android devices it believed to have triggered in May. From May through June, there have been approximately 500,000 Android phones and devices activated every day.

200 Million Android PhonesAndroid Phones and Devices Closing In On Apple

When the Apple company declared the iPhone 4S in July, the business unveiled it had triggered a total of 250 million devices on iOS equipment. The iPhone maker’s 50 million device stream may seem like a lot, but it is actually quite small when considering the rate of Android’s growth.

Android Phones And Devices Growing Fast

Google’s Android phones operating platform was introduced well after the first iPhone and has continued to grow at a fast pace ever since. Apple’s release of the 4S may increase the gap enough to keep the company ahead of the Android phones in the short term but with the current growth of Android not for the long run. The Google Android OS also has several new improvements that are coming that may help it finally close the gap.

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus represents the first appearance of the Android mobile phone 4.0 Icecream Sandwich, an OS that will be across even more Android phones and devices next year. At the same time, equipment like the new Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Rezound are available to power the numbers of high-end Android phones and mobile phone equipment even further.

Android Phones And Devices From Many Companies

Eventually, this indicates that it will be unavoidable that the Android mobile phone will gradually surpass the iOS numbers to take the crown of the most activated devices. However, it may not be due to bad sales of Apple company equipment, but rather because there are so many companies definitely developing Android phones and tablet devices.

Samsung and HTC have both surpassed the Apple company as the largest vendors of smartphones on the market today and they have both done so by becoming two of the greatest manufacturers and sellers of Android mobile phone devices in the world. Apple is still barely holding on to the most devices sold that run on its platform, but Google Android is closing fast, and will likely surpass the Apple company before long.

Watch The Google Video Below Showing 200 Million Android Phones And Devices Activated

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